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Taking baby home........


Here is a link to a scene from next week's Grey's. OMG! She's taking the baby home alone!!

It has been a waste of a day for me as I rewatched last night's GA, took a nap and have been sort of sulky about it all day.

It's unfortunate, that we fans have been begging for more Mer/Der and better story lines. And now we have something of a storyline. Just not the intention we planned on.

Ellen P. gave some interviews this last few days and she did NOT sound too hopeful about a happy ending for Meredith and Derek in one of them. She does admit that they usually only have about 1 week notice on story lines, with the exception of BIG changes they get a bit more warning. And she fully expects to finish out her contract next year, but not there after.

Yesterday's GA episode was the lowest viewer rated thus far, according to another article I read today.


Season 8 predictions

Sometimes I go there and other times I don't. After tonight's episode and only after seeing the preview for the finally, I dare to go there. Random Predictions:

By the end of the next season I predict some of these things might happen:

1. Alex will eventually end up in Africa.

2. Teddy will realize she actually is falling for Henry, but it might be too late. He will eventually die and will have lost his job, health insurance and a chance in the trial.

3. Derek's Alz. trial is ruined. And possibly any future trials he wants to do

4. Webber's trial will be ruined because of what Mer did. Even though it it's not the same trial, he is involved because it was Adele and the SG is under severe investigation and punishments.

5. The empty bed in the clip for next week, is set up to make us think it's Derek having left. I think it's one of the roomies. My first vote is Alex.

6. I have NO clue who will get CR. None of them seem qualified anymore.

7. Derek just might leave Mer. Thus, creating the love plot for next season.

8. Mer will end up with the baby Zola to raise as a single mom, as Derek's dream life with Mer is in jepordy and he just can't bear to imagine raising Zola alone. The quotes of Mark referring to Derek as "Zola's Daddy" had a hint of premonition to it, but not in the good way. He is broken hearted and angry.

9. Meredith ends up JUST LIKE HER MOTHER, raising a daughter as a single mother. Being a surgeon, drive and survival versus the tender moments and mothering things she really wants. She did say "I will do anything...." in reference to learning to be a good mother. The chief does say 'she's just like her mother..."

10. Christina ends up having the baby as well, but for some reason no Owen. Can't predict that yet. I can see one of the possible endings of the next season being that Christina and Mer end up as mothers together, raising their 2 daughters, no husbands. Not gay, but rather as co-mothers, living in the same house, sharing the mother jobs and spurring each other on as surgeons. Shonda is all about girl power, you remember. And she did say the first real romance was the friendship between Mer and Christina.

11. Either Derek leaves at the end of the season or is killed. Phfft...I know that is so soap opera.

12. Adele just might get a little bit better for a little longer, but the Alz. trial is cancelled and no follow up allowed. The Chief is torn between hating Mer for the long term ramifications of her actions or saying thank you for helping to keep Adele healthy and in sound mind just a little longer.

OK, that's it for the late night guesses. I have not been right very often. So, I'll have to check back on this list about a year from now.
Nite, nite. MacSmitty

I just don't know.......

"The complete seventh season is now available for pre-order and includes an extended version of last Thursday's music event. Click below to save $10 for a limited time.

This came across my facebook today. I fear that all the extra footage, DVD interviews and extended scenes will have to do with the Musical Event. Uuggg! This is the first time I'm not rushing to pre-order my GA Season DVD set.

Do Over

I am going to pretend tonight never happened. Nope. The power went out or there was a major shut down at the studios of ABC or radiation hit the airways. This episode did not air. It's not there, here or anywhere. Didn't happen. The shark ate it. Poof!

The 3 Mer/Der scenes had some potential. But, even then didn't happen. And you can't tell me that Patrick and Ellen weren't just cracking up the whole time they had to shoot the scene where she sings to him?!! The elevator scene? Could have been SO much better. But, it's the best they could do with the script they were given, I'm sure.

Didn't happen, Poof! ............

Grey's Gobbley Goop

Can I say just how bored I already am with the idea of a Grey's Anatomy Music Episode? They've been hyping up (pretending to hide it) for well over a month now. We all get the plot line, we all know the music, who is singing, who is not and what actors think it was really fun. Note how very silent Camp Patrick/Derek is. He made one public comment about it and has kept his trap shut since. Smart move, Patrick =)

I wasn't going to let myself watch the sneek peeks of next week. Really I wasn't. I was trying to keep some version of enthusiasm or expectation for the actual episode, but i couldn't hold out. I'm weak spirited and I already gave up alchohol for Lent. So, I let myself see the 3 or 4 sneak peaks and promos for next week's "A Song Beneath a Song". Uhhggg! Now, I'm really conviced and disappointed. I should be glad I let myself give in, so I would save myself the work up all week. I think I shall truely watch in on DVR as I just laughed out loud at the clip when Callie is in surgery and the staff members are singing "How to Save a Life" with the surgical masks on !!!! And I really liked that song, too. There is a long time Grey's music video that think does it best.

I think this musical experiment will be the beginning of the undoing of Grey's Anatomy. I just can't believe I said that. Knowing that both Patrick and Ellen have considered not resinging after next year's 8th season. If they don't come back (and the show gets some new writers) I really feel it should die a lovely death. The writers should strive to write and tell the stories with award winning gusto. Go out on top! I really hope they focus back on Christina, Meredith, Derek and Alex. I like Owen well enough too. Adding some side stories of Bailey and Chief is acceptable. These are the remaining Grey's starting staff. Stay with thier stories. I am not even saying one has to write a baby for Mer/Der, just write some good dialogue and direction. It's not that I don't like Callie/Arizona or even Teddy, but there is too much time spent on the story lines now. Gay story line was only good (for me) as it was starting and sometimes funny. Now it's just going around and around the same issue Arizona doesn't like being in a relationship with Mark, Mark is trying to grow up (and it doesn't look good on him), and Callie wants everything right now, with whipped cream on top.

So, that's my lethargic thoughts this Friday morning. While watching GA last night with hubby we started talking about the Diabetic clinical trial and I was filling him in on what he missed and how "he didn't really need to start the whole show over tonight". (McHubby does clinical trails and drug developement and works with the FDA lots, so all these story lines just errk him to no end how often they are just not right. The only time he has agreed with a moment about the trials is when Chief said something about the 300 + pages for an application. No joke, they even get bigger.) So, I will just tell him to watch it this weekend sometime. And I MISSED the very quick and reportly recycled love scene between Mer/Der. So, I'll take my morning coffee back to the TV and cuddle up with the dog to rewatch the episode sans commercials and talking. =)

And to top it all off, I see there is ANOTHER 3 week break of Grey's for reruns before showing the final episodes of the season.

Poor Owen. He is in a pickle. Damned if he does, and damned it he doesn't. I don't think he was even in the entire episode except that final scene with Christina, was he? I like them together. I really do, but I only can imagine Shonda will have to break them up, as they just want different things. Christina has been way to accomidating to Owen this season -- marriage, buying the old firestation, decorating, having a house warming party, getting healed up and even ordering pizza for dinner. She's going to have to blow up sooner or later. And, I rather think the race for chief resident is between Christina and Alex.

Done now. You can leave a comment or move on to check your email again. Have a great day! MacSmitty

Here's hoping you all enjoy your laugh de jour and your Spring travel plans. This is why I miss the days of travel agents. =) They just booked it all and didn't tell you a thing.


Hope this little link works for you. This is a cute, inspiring and apparently true story. It's a short film or a long advertisement, depending on how you look at the world. Enjoy!

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I hope this is a good link. I watched PD on Jimmy Kimmel and he was really funny! This video is a parody, if you couldn't tell. But, it's SO great! You will most likely have to cut and paste it, as my link successes are slim.

I saw this very funny you tube video today & hope it will brighten your day! You may have to cut & paste.